We're Back

The MK NHW Association is back in action!

In the last couple of years, the Association has taken a low profile: in part due to Covid but also work pressures on members of the committee. But we are now back in action and have been holding regular committee meetings since May.

We have a new committee, which although few in number at present, is currently developing an action plan for increasing the profile and visibility of the Neighbourhood Watch Network in and around Milton Keynes.

Initially we will be working on updating the background database which contains the details of all the local schemes and everyone who has previously registered their interest either through ourwatch.org.uk or via Thames Valley Police.

 If you believe that you have done so, but you have not been receiving any alert messages either from Thames Valley Police, or Neighbourhood Watch at National level, please complete our contact check form

Please be aware however that there are approximately 3000 members currently registered in the Milton Keynes Area, with the system indicating that there are issues with the contact details of approximately 500 of those records.
So there may be a delay before we can get back to you to confirm that you details have been updated.  

If you are not yet a member of Neighbourhood Watch and would like to know how to join, please see the ‘Joining Us’ section of this website.